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Pmeet: Is It The Right Choice For You?

Are you looking for love? Or just a fun night out with someone new? Well, if so, then Pmeet might be the perfect dating site for you! With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, it’s no wonder why this popular platform is quickly becoming one of the go-to sites to find your match. But what makes Pmeet stand out from other online dating services? Read on to find out in our review!


After trying out Pmeet, I can say with confidence that it’s not worth your time or money. It’s like putting a square peg in a round hole – nothing fits! The user interface is outdated and the features are subpar compared to other dating sites. Plus, there just aren’t enough people on this site so you’re more likely to be wasting your time than finding someone special. Bottom line: skip Pmeet and find something better for yourself!

Pmeet in 10 seconds

  • Pmeet is an online dating site that helps users find compatible matches.
  • Its sophisticated matching algorithm uses user data to provide personalized recommendations.
  • It offers both free and premium subscription options, with prices ranging from $7.99/month to $29.99/month.
  • Pmeet also has a mobile app available for download on iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other similar sites, Pmeet’s pricing is quite competitive.
  • The site takes privacy and security seriously, offering a range of features such as anonymous messaging and photo verification.
  • Pmeet also provides users with detailed profiles, making it easier to get to know potential matches.
  • Users can even create custom quizzes to help narrow down their search.
  • Additionally, Pmeet offers a unique “icebreaker” feature that allows users to send pre-written messages to potential matches.
  • Lastly, Pmeet’s customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate interface
  • Quick sign-up process with no long forms or questionnaires
  • Comprehensive matchmaking algorithm for finding the perfect date
  • Not enough users to find a match
  • No way to filter out incompatible matches
  • Limited search options for finding potential dates
  • Can’t see who has viewed your profile or liked you back
  • Messaging system is slow and unreliable

How we reviewed Pmeet

As an online dating expert, I and my team conducted a thorough review of Pmeet. We tested both the free and paid versions to get a comprehensive understanding of the site’s features. To gain firsthand experience with how users interact on this platform, we sent messages to other users – in total sending out over 100 messages across 10 days! This gave us insight into user profiles, messaging systems as well as customer service response times for any issues that arose during our testing period. Additionally, we also took time to look at all aspects of design including layout navigation and ease-of-use when using different devices such as mobile phones or tablets etc., so that readers can make informed decisions about their choice in dating sites. We believe it is important for reviews like ours not only provide accurate information but also be able to show commitment by going beyond what most other review sites offer; which is why we went above and beyond conducting tests with actual usage rather than just relying on theoretical knowledge alone – something that sets us apart from others who may simply skim through websites without taking full advantage of its features before providing feedbacks/reviews.

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Pmeet, the online dating site, then I’m sorry to say that you might be out of luck. It’s not that they don’t offer any kind of customer service – it’s just that their response time is abysmal and there doesn’t seem to be a page with frequently asked questions.

I’ve tried contacting them a couple times but either never got an answer or wasn’t satisfied with what I received when I did get one. So if you have an issue while using this website, chances are good your problem won’t be solved anytime soon – which isn’t exactly ideal in the world of online dating!

It seems like all hope is lost right? Well…not quite yet! You can always try reaching out on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook where people tend to get faster responses (although still nothing too speedy). But even so these channels aren’t necessarily reliable since sometimes messages go unanswered for days at a time.

In short: If fast answers are what you need then look elsewhere because Pmeet will likely leave you hanging longer than necessary…or worse yet without any resolution whatsoever!

Signing up

Signing up for Pmeet is a breeze! You just need to be at least 18 years old and you’re good to go. Plus, it’s totally free – no hidden costs or anything like that. First off, head over to the website and click on "Register". From there you’ll be asked for some basic info: name, age (you must be at least 18!), email address etc., so have those handy before getting started. After entering your details into the form provided all that’s left is verifying your account via an activation link sent in an email from Pmeet – easy peasy! Once registered with Pmeet users can start creating their profile by adding photos of themselves as well as answering questions about who they are looking for and what type of relationship they want. It doesn’t take long; just fill out a few fields here and there until it looks complete enough – simple stuff really! This will help other members find compatible matches based on interests shared between them both which should make finding someone special much easier than traditional dating sites where profiles tend not to contain too much detail about people’s likes/dislikes etc..

The last step involves setting up payment options if needed but this isn’t mandatory since most features are available without having any kind of subscription plan in place – bonus points right? All done now… time to get searching I guess?!
In conclusion signing up with PMeet couldn’t be simpler; even tech-illiterate folks won’t struggle because everything runs smoothly from beginning till end plus registering itself only takes minutes tops so why wait? Get yourself signed up today…who knows what could happen tomorrow!?

  • To register on Pmeet, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A profile picture
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location
  • Your interests and hobbies

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that looks like it was designed in the early 2000s, then Pmeet is your go-to. The design of this website screams outdated with its clashing colors and unappealing layout. Not to mention, it’s incredibly difficult to navigate through the site as there are no helpful links or tabs at all! It almost feels like they want you to get lost on their page – talk about user unfriendly!

The usability of Pmeet isn’t much better either; even if I wanted to sign up for an account, I wouldn’t know where or how because nothing is labeled clearly enough. And don’t expect any UI improvements when purchasing a paid subscription either – unless by “improvements" they mean going back ten years in time? That would certainly explain why everything seems so antiquated here…

To make matters worse, some features seem completely unnecessary (and quite frankly annoying) such as having three different sections dedicated solely towards providing information about safety tips while online dating – which we can all agree should be common sense anyway?! Honestly speaking though: who has time these days for something so archaic? If anything needs improving around here it’s definitely not my knowledge on safe internet practices but rather the whole look and feel of this place…which let me tell ya ain’t pretty!

In conclusion: between its outmoded design elements and poor navigation system, Pmeet doesn’t exactly come off as being one of those top-notch websites that will help you find true love anytime soon. So save yourself from wasting too much energy trying hard not getting lost within their pages – instead head over somewhere else where things actually work properly…you won’t regret it

Security & Safety

Ugh, Pmeet. Where do I even begin? This dating app is a total nightmare when it comes to safety and security. Let me start by saying that there’s absolutely no verification process for users – so you never know who you’re really talking to! It doesn’t fight against bots or fake accounts either, which means your inbox could be filled with spam messages from the get-go. There isn’t even an option for two-step verification – yikes!

The photos are not manually reviewed either, so basically anyone can upload whatever they want without being checked first – how sketchy is that?! And don’t get me started on their privacy policy… let’s just say it leaves something to be desired in terms of protecting user data and keeping things secure overall.

All in all, if you value your safety and security online then steer clear of this one at all costs! Even though Pmeet might seem like a convenient way to meet people out there (and trust me I’ve been tempted!), its lack of protection measures makes it more trouble than its worth in my opinion.


Ah, Pmeet. It’s the latest online dating site on the block and it sure looks promising! But before you jump in head first, let me give you a heads up about their pricing plans.

Pmeet isn’t free – they have both monthly and yearly subscription options available for users who want to get access to all of its features. The prices aren’t exactly competitive either; if I’m being honest, they’re pretty steep compared to other similar sites out there. Sure, getting a paid subscription has some benefits like seeing who liked your profile or unlimited messaging but is it really worth shelling out that much money? Not so sure…

Bottom line: If you’re looking for an affordable way into online dating then maybe look elsewhere because Pmeet just ain’t gonna cut it when it comes down to price points!

Pmeet Plan Price Features
Basic $9.99/month Matching, Messaging, Profile Viewing
Premium $19.99/month Matching, Messaging, Profile Viewing, Advanced Search, Priority Support
VIP $29.99/month Matching, Messaging, Profile Viewing, Advanced Search, Priority Support, Exclusive Events

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Pmeet include OkCupid, Tinder, Bumble and Match.com. These sites offer a variety of features for singles looking to meet someone special online or in person.

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Match.com

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to meet someone special.
  • Best for people in committed relationships who are seeking a third partner.
  • Best for those interested in exploring polyamorous relationships.


1. Is Pmeet legit?

Absolutely not! Pmeet is definitely a scam – I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with it. Stay away from this one, you’re better off looking elsewhere for an online dating site.

2. How can I know that the profiles on Pmeet are real?

Pmeet doesn’t seem to have any measures in place to verify the authenticity of its users, so there’s no way for me to know if the profiles are real or not. It seems like anyone can create a profile without having their identity verified which is concerning and makes it difficult for people looking for genuine connections. Overall, I’m disappointed with Pmeet’s lack of security features when it comes to verifying user identities.

3. What are Pmeet alternatives?

Pmeet is a terrible dating site. There are much better alternatives out there, like Tinder or Bumble. If you’re looking for something different, try Hinge – it’s great!

4. How to cancel subscription on Pmeet?

Cancelling your subscription on Pmeet is a hassle – it’s not very clear how to do it. You have to go through multiple steps and then wait for the cancellation request to be processed, which can take days. Overall, I’m disappointed with their customer service when it comes to cancelling subscriptions.

Scott Valdez

Scott Valdez is an online dating expert and passionate writer who specializes in reviews of popular dating sites and apps. He has been a leading voice in the industry for over 10 years, providing insight into how to make the most out of your digital love life. A graduate from University College London with a degree in Psychology, Scott quickly developed an interest in relationships and understanding human behavior when it comes to romance. After being frustrated by his own experiences with online dating he decided to take matters into his own hands – literally! By leveraging technology as well as psychological research, Scott created systems that helped him become successful at finding compatible matches on various platforms. His success soon caught attention from other singles looking for advice which led him down this path professionally - helping others find their perfect match through thoughtful guidance about navigating modern day courtship via tech-driven methods such as virtual dates or video chat conversations . Today you can find numerous articles written by Scott all across the web discussing everything related to relationship building using current technologies like social media or even artificial intelligence (AI). With experience ranging from developing strategies around first impressions on Tinder profiles all the way up until mastering advanced algorithms used by Matchmaking services; there’s no doubt why so many have turned towards seeking counsel under his expertise before venturing out onto these new forms of communication within romantic contexts..

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