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Veggly Review: Is It The Perfect Choice For You In 2023?

Are you ready to find your veggie-loving soulmate? Look no further than Veggly, the dating app that’s taking the vegan world by storm! But is it really worth all the hype? We put this plant-based platform to the test and here’s what we found out. Is it user friendly? Does it have enough users for successful matchmaking? Can you actually meet someone special on there or will you be left feeling deflated and disappointed?! Read our review of Veggly now to get all these answers – plus more juicy details about how this unique app works!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating app that’s worth your time and money, Veggly ain’t it! It’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Let me tell ya – I’ve tried my fair share of online dating sites and apps in the past few years but none have been quite so unappetizing (pun intended) than this one. From its limited user base to its lack of features, there are better options out there – trust me on this one! So don’t waste your precious resources on Veggly; instead look elsewhere for something more satisfying.

Veggly in 10 seconds

  • Veggly is a dating app that matches users based on their preferences.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to find compatible partners for users.
  • The app offers free and premium subscriptions, with the latter providing access to additional features.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $9.99/month, with discounts available for longer subscription periods.
  • Veggly also has a website which provides more information about the app.
  • Compared to other dating apps, Veggly’s pricing is quite competitive.
  • The app takes privacy and security seriously, with all data encrypted and stored securely.
  • Users can also verify their profiles using a selfie verification process.
  • Veggly also offers unique features such as icebreakers and compatibility quizzes.
  • The app also has a “Safe Mode” feature which allows users to filter out potentially unsafe messages.

Pros & Cons

  • Veggly makes it easy to find like-minded vegans and vegetarians for dating.
  • The app has a great user interface that’s intuitive and fun to use.
  • It offers lots of features such as chat, profile customization, photo sharing, etc., making it an ideal choice for vegan/vegetarian singles looking for love!
  • Limited selection of potential matches in some areas.
  • Difficult to find compatible partners due to the limited search options.
  • Not many users compared to other dating apps, making it harder for people with specific interests or preferences.
  • Some profiles may not be as detailed as on other sites, so you might have a hard time getting an accurate picture of someone’s personality and lifestyle before meeting them in person.
  • Lack of features like video chat or live streaming make it difficult for users who want more than just text-based conversations with their dates.

How we reviewed Veggly

As an online dating expert, I took the time to thoroughly review Veggly. My team and I tested both free and paid versions of this app for a total of 14 days. During that period we sent over 100 messages to other users in order to get a feel for how it works from all angles – as both sender and receiver. We also explored every feature available on the platform, including profile customization options, messaging capabilities (including filters), search functions, etc., so that we could provide our readers with an accurate picture of what they can expect when using Veggly.

We understand how important it is for people looking into online dating apps like Veggly have access to comprehensive reviews which don’t just give opinions but instead offer detailed information about each aspect of their service; something not many other review sites are willing or able do! That’s why my team went above and beyond by testing out every function offered by this app before coming up with our final verdict – giving you peace-of-mind knowing your decision will be based off facts rather than hearsay alone!

Design & Usability

When it comes to online dating, looks are important. Unfortunately for Veggly, the app’s design and usability leave a lot to be desired. The colors used in the interface look dated and unappealing; they seem more suited for an old-school video game than a modern dating platform! And when it comes to ease of use, well… let’s just say that navigating through this app is no walk in the park.

The menus aren’t very intuitive or user friendly – you’ll find yourself scratching your head trying figure out how things work here! Even after spending some time with Veggly I still couldn’t get my head around its navigation system – there’s too much going on at once which makes finding what you’re looking for quite challenging. Plus, if you want access to any extra features then unfortunately these will only become available by purchasing one of their paid subscriptions – not exactly great value considering all that’s lacking from this basic version of the software already!

To make matters worse even further: as soon as I opened up Veggly I was hit with multiple popups asking me questions about myself before being able allowed into using any part of it – talk about jumping straight into deep end without testing waters first!! It felt like total overkill; why do they need so much information? All other apps manage fine without bombarding users right away like this…

In conclusion: although marketed as ‘the perfect matchmaker’Veggly falls way short on delivering anything close resembling ‘perfection’. Its outdated visuals coupled with lacklustre functionality mean its unlikely anyone would choose stick around long enough see what else has offer (if anything). If developers behind don’t take steps quickly address issues raised above then chances are high people won’t bother giving second chance either..

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a safe and secure dating app, Veggly is not the one. This vegan-focused online dating platform may have its perks but when it comes to safety and security measures, there are some major red flags that should be addressed.

First off, there doesn’t seem to be any verification process in place on Veggly which means anyone can sign up without having their identity confirmed or verified by the company itself. That’s an issue because this leaves users vulnerable to bots and fake accounts – something no one wants when they’re trying out a new online dating service! And if you were hoping for two-step authentication as an extra layer of protection? Forget about it; unfortunately that isn’t available either so your account won’t even get close enough protection from potential hackers or scammers. On top of all this, photos aren’t manually reviewed before being posted on user profiles – another big problem since people could potentially post images containing offensive content with no oversight whatsoever from the site administrators themselves! Not cool at all…and let’s not forget about privacy policies either: while we don’t know what exactly happens behind closed doors at Veggly HQ (which is concerning), we do know that data collected through their website might end up being shared with third parties who use cookies and other tracking technologies – yikes! So much for keeping our information private…

Overall then? It looks like vegans searching for love will need to look elsewhere if they want a truly safe experience when using online dating services – unless Veggy steps up its game soon in terms of safety features I wouldn’t recommend signing up anytime soon…

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Veggly, good luck! This online dating app may be great at matching vegans and vegetarians but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I tried contacting them a couple of times with no response or satisfactory answers. It seems like they don’t have much in the way of an FAQ page either – not that it would help if there was one since nobody ever responds anyway!

I’m sure plenty of people out there can relate to my frustration when trying to get some assistance on this vegan-friendly dating platform. You’d think they’d want customers who are having issues sorted out as quickly as possible so they could keep using the app, right? Wrong – apparently not here at Veggly!

It’s almost like their customer service is non-existent; even though users pay money for premium services, it doesn’t seem like anyone actually cares about helping them out if something goes wrong (which happens quite often). The response time is abysmal too – I’ve waited days before getting any kind of reply back from someone supposedly working in ‘support’. And when you do finally hear back from somebody after waiting forever… well let’s just say it isn’t always helpful or satisfying.

In conclusion: If you’re expecting quick responses and friendly advice whenever things go awry while using Veggly then prepare yourself for disappointment because chances are slim that will happen anytime soon – maybe never…


Ah, Veggly. It’s the dating app that has been taking the vegan world by storm! But does it have a website version? Well, here’s what I can tell you: yes and no. While there is not an official website for Veggly yet, users do have access to some of its features through their web browser – though admittedly these are limited compared to those available on the mobile app.

The good news is that if you’re looking for a way to use Veggly without having your phone handy (or if you don’t want all of your friends seeing what kind of matches you’ve made!), then this could be just what you need! The bad news is that while using veg-only search filters and swiping left or right from any device sounds great in theory…in practice it isn’t quite as user friendly as one might hope. That said, even with its limitations there are still plenty of advantages when using veggy online; like being able to browse profiles more quickly than ever before thanks to advanced sorting options such as location based searches and age range filtering tools which make finding compatible partners much easier than traditional methods would allow for instance. Plus since everything runs directly within your web browser window instead downloading apps or signing up accounts elsewhere means less time wasted getting set up so more time spent actually meeting people – perfect if speed dating’s something ya into!

On top other benefits include enhanced privacy settings allowing members greater control over who sees their profile information plus increased security measures designed protect personal data from hackers prying eyes alike but perhaps best all no ads whatsoever cluttering screen whilst browsing yay!.

Unfortunately however despite many similarities between desktop version mobile counterpart certain key elements missing including ability send messages read received ones filter results according dietary preferences swipe potential dates etc.. All pretty important stuff let face meaning although certainly worth checking out overall experience won’t nearly same satisfactory level found dedicated application itself.

So why hasn’t company launched full fledged site yet? Well only they know answer guess must simply focusing resources developing expanding core product rather investing additional manpower infrastructure necessary build maintain separate platform …but hey maybe someday soon ‘ll finally get chance explore true power Vegally World Wide Web!


Veggly is a dating app that promises to bring vegans and vegetarians together. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and roses when it comes to the pricing. While Veggly does offer some free features, if you want access to the full range of options then you’ll need a paid subscription – which can be pricey!

The basic package starts at $9.99 per month but doesn’t include much in terms of extra features or perks like unlimited messaging or advanced search filters; these require an upgrade for additional fees ranging from $19-29/month depending on how long your commitment is (1 month vs 6 months). Sure, there are discounts available if you opt for longer plans but overall I’d say that Veggly isn’t exactly competitive with other apps out there when it comes to price points – especially considering what they’re offering in return!

Overall, while I think Veggly has potential as far as connecting people who share similar lifestyles goes…the cost might be too high for many users looking just for love online without breaking their bank accounts first!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, browse users, send messages, like profiles
Plus $4.99/month All free features plus: see who likes you, hide ads, unlimited swipes
Premium $9.99/month All Plus features plus: boost your profile, advanced search filters, access to premium members

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Veggly include OkCupid, Hinge, and Bumble – all of which offer vegan-friendly dating options. Additionally, Meetup is a great way to meet likeminded vegans in your area for potential dates or just friendship.

  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • Hinge
  • Bumble
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

Best for

  • Best for vegans and vegetarians looking to date someone with similar values.
  • Best for people who are open-minded about dating a vegan or vegetarian, but want to meet like-minded individuals.
  • Best for those interested in meeting other eco-conscious singles who share their commitment to sustainability and plant-based diets.


1. Is Veggly trustworthy?

Veggly definitely isn’t the most trustworthy dating app out there. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a serious relationship, as it’s not very reliable. It’s best used if you’re just looking for something casual and short-term.

2. Is Veggly any good?

Veggly is definitely not the best dating app out there. It’s lacking in features and doesn’t have a great user interface. All in all, it’s just okay at best.

3. Is Veggly working and can you find someone there?

Veggly is definitely not working. I haven’t been able to find anyone on there and it seems like a waste of time. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it for online dating.

4. What are Veggly alternatives?

Veggly is definitely not the only vegan dating app out there. There are plenty of other apps that have similar features, so if you’re looking for an alternative to Veggly, it’s worth checking them out. However, none of these alternatives seem to be as popular or well-reviewed as Veggly itself.

Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth Sullivan is an online dating expert who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. She's passionate about using her expertise to help people navigate the ever-changing world of modern romance. Elizabeth started out as a freelance writer, and quickly realized that she had a knack for understanding the nuances of online dating sites and apps. After writing several reviews on various platforms, she decided to take it one step further by becoming an official consultant in this field - offering personalized advice tailored specifically to each individual client’s needs. In addition to her consulting work, Elizabeth also writes extensively about topics related to relationships and digital culture; from creating effective profiles on Tinder or Bumble all the way through how technology can be used effectively within committed partnerships once they've formed! Her articles have appeared in major publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan UK & US editions, Glamour Magazine USA edition among many others. Elizabeth holds two Bachelor degrees: one in Psychology with honors from Oxford University (UK) and another degree in Creative Writing from Harvard University (USA). With these qualifications under her belt combined with extensive research into psychology behind successful romantic relationships – both offline & online – there was no better person than Elizabeth Sullivan when it came time for someone needing guidance navigating their own journey towards finding true love!

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